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The study participants reported on their sexual activity over the previous day, as well as the location of the activity. Participants reported on the frequency of the sexual activities, and whether alcohol was consumed before and during the interaction. They also indicated whether the partner they met was sexually monogamous, or not. The method of initiating contact with the partner was indicated as well, including online dating, a party, or a restaurant. The location prior to a sexual hookup was reported, indicating whether it took place in the partner's home, in the pub, or in a restaurant.

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Future research needs to consider removing this factor from the study, and identify additional factors that may affect the risk of hookups. Alcohol use was predictive of an increased risk of oral sex but not vaginal hookups. This could be due to alcohol use increasing contextual vulnerability for hookups, lowering inhibitions, and providing a motive for sexual behavior.

While previous studies have found no relationship between depression and hookups, this study suggests an association between depressive symptoms and sexual behavior. Depressed women may be less social and less interested in romantic relationships, so it's important to know that both men and women can experience sexual activity without being depressed. The findings are surprising, but they are not enough to discredit hookup culture, but they are worth investigating. The key to hookup women with ease is to remember that you're not alone!

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