Do you want to marry sweet Russian woman and live the happy life together? If yes, then you need to know some basic rules that will help you in this situation. Following them, you will be able to find wonderful and loving Russian woman at If you analyze girls from the position of the majority, it is easy to make a portrait of the ideal man, about which everyone dreams. The man should be reliable, be able to show concern, possess a strong character and, if possible, a good physique. In addition to strong characteristics, many ladies believe that it is quite permissible for a man to show feelings from time to time.

By a majority of voices the girls converge on main abilities, possessing which a man with a high probability will be able to succeed. Consider in more detail due to what you can impress the girl.

  • Accompany her to home. Seeing the girl home is cool. In such a way a girl can feel safe. The problem is that when you suggest a girl to take her home, on the subconscious level you ask her to stay. Speak clearly and let her know that you will go home only when you are sure that she has reached home safely. You should stop, not reaching the door. If the time is right for a kiss, she will let you understand. If not, just say goodbye and go home - she will appreciate it.
  • Hold an umbrella over your lady. In fact, it's much better than it sounds, because most umbrellas are not meant for use by two people. This is just the case when you can turn from a knight into a guy who was invited into the house. Do not fuss, do not turn around with an umbrella in your hands, like a real waiter. Draw her to yourself and make sure that the umbrella closes her better than you. It's just rain, and you do not melt. You will be able to fix your hair in 30 seconds, but she will not.
  • Help a stranger in an awkward situation. In our case, under an awkward situation, we mean unwanted marks of attention from another guy. Maybe he just annoys her, and she rolls her eyes, or maybe it's something more serious. Do you have the enough courage to intervene? In addition, one must understand when it is necessary to rush to the rescue, and when this quarrel should remain on the conscience of those two. Remember: every girl will appreciate if you are on time to help.
  • Offer her your jacket. Girls never dress according to the weather. For example, you go to the bar in October, you look at the weather forecast and put on your jacket. And she is dressed in a sweatshirt without sleeves. If yes - she wants to look good for you. Offer her your jacket. Do not ask about anything, just say: "You're cold, take my jacket." What is the chivalry? Well, now you're freezing.
  • Learn how to cook. The man is the consumer. More than one generation of the stronger sex has grown up with this cliché. Therefore, if you are able to cook, and not just boil coffee or fry an omelet, but have certain culinary talents, it will surely please her. It is not necessary go to a special preparatory course, start with simple tips that can easily be found on the Internet. Try simple recipes. As you gain experience, then you are fully able to achieve good results.
  • Learn foreign language. A person, who can speak at least one foreign language, looks confident. If it's French, the native speaker seems particularly attractive and incredibly sexy. All because the knowledge of a foreign language assumes the presence of a certain level of intelligence. In addition, all the unattainable seem so desirable.