For a naked western eye, Vietnam and China are very alike. Both are located in the Far East, both have very secluded cultures, and it's generally not very easy to distinguish the Chinese and the Vietnamese. With this in mind, one could wonder if a Vietnam hookup is any different from a Chinese dating.

By all accounts, it's not an easy or an obvious question. Though it's clear that these two nations can't be identical, there are certainly similarities. Hence, the real question would be 'How similar is a Vietnam hookup to Chinese dating', rather than 'Are these two the same?'

To answer the question, let's see why one could think that they are the same.

The similarities between the two nations

The similarities between the interactions with people from two nations come from the similarities between the mindsets (apart from the smaller details), and these, in turn, come from the similarities between cultures.

Aspects like art, architecture, and so on aren't important in this context. What's more crucial is how they behave, and it has everything to do with history and customs. And these aren't as similar as it seems at first glance.

What do Vietnamese and Chinese have in common

China and Vietnam are both (at least in the name) socialist countries with varying degrees of totalitarian control and the cultures that support restraint and being reserved. Combined, these two aspects mean you won't likely find a lot of free Internet lurkers in these parts.

Some people don't use the open Internet not because it's unavailable or prohibited, but because they don't want to or don't know about the prospects. Some people are indeed aware of the opportunities the wider Internet offers (in contrast to a pretty humble amount of information the Chinese Web can grant you.

What does the lack of the Internet mean

The lack of proper Internet connection throughout the country means:

1. There are fewer people to use it properly;

2. There are also fewer people who share the values and properties of an average user (i.e. openness, tolerance, inquisitiveness, and others)

If you know something about the Chinese Internet, you are aware that the government restricts access to some platforms, but instead supports other apps and websites where it has influence or sovereignty. It means that the majority of people you'll want to date uses Chinese media like Momo.

In Vietnam, on the other hand, the Internet isn't as wide-spread, compared to other countries (only about 70% of the population uses it, and the percentage of people who use it frequently is obvious lower). But at least the people who use the Internet aren't pressured about it too tightly. You can use virtually any social media apps in Vietnam, very few of them are blocked.

The status of dating apps

The apps like Tinder, Badoo, and other popular dating platforms aren't exactly banned in either China or Vietnam, but the use of these apps is discouraged. Instead, the majority of the users in both Vietnam and China prefer China's own social media app called Momo.

It's not described by the developer as a 'dating app', but a large portion of people there still uses it as such.

Both Tinder and Badoo are even more discouraged in China, though not to the point of banning. A lot of people in China still use each of these apps, whereas in Vietnam they don't have nearly as much popularity, both since they aren't really talked about in the country, and because there's a lot more Chinese than there are Vietnamese.

All things considered, it's probably much easier to date people online in China than in Vietnam. Among other things, there are way more Tinder and Badoo users in China, and there is a lot more space to use this advantage. Exactly why this is good is explored further down the article.

What does it all mean for you

Exactly how the well-being of the Internet in certain countries is a simple question. You'll probably not have any luck trying a Chinese or a Vietnam hookup offline, or even online if you aren't prepared correctly. There are several reasons as to why online hookup is superior.

The lack of English language

Because of the number of inconvenient circumstances, the English language is still very unpopular in Vietnam and China. If you try dating someone using the local apps or even without an app at all, like back in the day, the results may be pretty dismal.

Both Badoo and Tinder, however, allow a special experience. You can actually find the English-speaking people for a Chinese and Vietnam hookup. Badoo can show you what language the person knows, and it's easy to figure out if you're using Tinder. But it's not the only benefit.

There are more English-speaking users in Badoo and Tinder as it is (especially in Tinder). The fact that both apps are widely-known to be of European creation, more people who actually want to explore the wider Internet (including those who want to improve their English) use these.

The fact that a person is using one of these apps is in itself an indicator that there is a chance you'll get along just fine.

It's easier

Trying a Vietnam hookup is only viable if you know Vietnam. The same goes for China. You have to know the perfect places to go, the customs, how things are done here, and more — all in order to approach someone. In Tinder, it's only too simple. You swipe left to say 'no', right — so say 'yes'.

Everyone knows how it works, you can't do it wrong.

It's even more convenient to use it in China since this country is famous for its hive-cities where it's so easy to get lost. Instead, you can date online, arrange a meeting offline in a place you know, and then be off.

It's not alright for some locals to hookup with foreigners

For some Vietnamese and Chinese (far from many, but the risk is still there), one-night hookups with the westerners aren't acceptable. The reasons are largely personal. However, usually, it has something to do with the view of the Europeans and Americans as untrustworthy and blunt.

It's usually smoothed-out in the Net, since it's a place for openness and embracing the new ideas.

It's impossible to say where you'll be treated worse — in China or in Vietnam. But in both countries, you may very well be deemed unworthy of a relationship.

How different are Vietnamese and Chinese in dating apps

If what you want to know is how easy it is to distinguish people from two nations, then the answer is 'near impossible'. However, it doesn't really matter, there isn't a trustworthy material indicating that women from one nation are more pretty than women from another. All that's at stake here is your own preference.

On another note, the only real difference is the difference in numbers. There are many more Chinese in Tinder than there are Vietnamese, as mentioned. It's a good thing — not only because you'll have more people to work with, but also due to the simple logic that the more people there are, the more likely it is for you to find someone you truly like.

The Chinese are also more technologically-savvy and aware of the latest trends, making them pretty modern by contemporary standards. It means that you'll at least have something to talk about.

Vietnamese aren't exactly well-informed in this field. The Internet has only been present in the country for about a decade, and not many locals are really interested in the latest trends.

The mindsets

In terms of what's going on in the head, the Chinese are also surprisingly more understanding and eager to know more about you (though, of course, it depends on personal traits).

Vietnamese demand trust before they open up to you. And really, you'll have to have something in common in order for a Vietnam hookup to be successful. You aren't always able to build a relationship on a thrill of the experience, especially because the Vietnamese are a lot less fond of the visitors and foreigners than their northern neighbors.

In conclusion

If you ignore the actual culture, the Chinese and Vietnamese are pretty similar. The circumstances in which you'll meet them won't be too different. Hence, the Chinese and Vietnam hookup are also very alike, especially online.

However, there will surely be a few notable differences, such as Vietnamese interoperability, the relative unpopularity of the Internet (including the dating apps), and the physical appearance.

That's it for this article. However, if you want to know more about dating online itself, you are welcome to watch the video below: