This is a wonderful love story which took place on our website not a long time ago. It is one of the best examples of how we should try to date our sweethearts and what devotion we should show. This is the story which brings us back to the times of Shakespeare when everything that people did was aimed at love. Love was regarded as the centre of the life of each person. The things may seem to change nowadays, but not really. Everyone is free to think and to do what they want, but the ultimate truth will always stay and live forever. In this case, the truth is – we all need to be with someone who will love us and whom we will love. To cut it short – human beings need to live as couples.

Now we have to proceed with our wonderful story of love which happened thanks to our website, Lots of people are communicating with each other on our online platform every single day and their relationships remain confidential. It is their own business and we do not intervene in it. However, as the time passes by and some people do stand out as new bright examples of love, we can hardly leave such cases unnoticed. Natasha Dubina from the city of Volgograd registered on our website a few years ago, in search of her love. She was an ordinary Russian girl friend who was dreaming about pure relationships and big love, once and for all. All of the guys that surrounded her, did not even dare to think about marriage. Generally speaking, the question of marriage is a big issue for modern Russia as the vast majority of Russian guys and girls do not even want to hear about because it seems easier to live alone and to have short relationships with the aim of satisfying their passions. However, Natasha was different to them.

So, after some time, a few men noticed her and started chatting with her. She did not feel like they were what she needed. Thus, she decided not to prolong those chats and told it directly to them. Well, those men realised that it was useless to keep waiting for something else.

Natasha stayed on the website and simply waited for her chance, believing that her love will eventually find her, sooner or later. She proved to be right because her love did not make her wait for a long time. Once she opened her account and found a message from a new guy from Boston. She was quite surprised but decided to start chatting with him. After some time, Natasha understood that he was the one she was looking for. They could spend a lot of time speaking about anything they wanted and could barely argue. Even if they did, the argument faded away by itself as both of them were afraid of losing each other. So fiercely they clang to each other that nothing could really separate them. However, once their love was put on the test.

Her boyfriend just disappeared from the website and all other means of communication. Natasha was worrying about him and was restless. She did not know what to do. She didn’t even know his address or workplace. Nevertheless, she decided to board on a trip to Boston to find out what happened to him. She bought everything herself and booked the flight. That how a Russian girl came to America. After landing in Boston, she decided to go to the police station and said that a person disappeared and she was his fiancée. After some time, the police found him and she met him in person. The problem was that he lost his job suddenly and could no longer pay off his rent and internet. He had not relatives around him, so there was no way he could get in touch with her. The solution came quickly as they decided to get married immediately and move to live in Russia for now. Both of them are happy and have two nice children.

We would like to wish them lots of happy years together. You can also be our happy love story.