When somebody has made a decision to get married the most important thing which does worry him or her a lot is the match. Well, this is a very serious question which requires a lot of explanation but we will try to answer it within the boundaries of this article.

First things first, if you are looking for your Russian match, then you should definitely look for it in Russia and not anywhere else because you are probably searching for a typical Russian wife. It might seem stupid to mention this, but if we look at this more closely, we will realise that it is not silly at all. Thanks to the globalization, the different parts of our world become interlinked and there are not too many boundaries that will prevent you from entering other countries. Therefore, you can easily find Russians living in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. However, if you have a Russian woman who also lives in your country or in your city, be careful as the overwhelming majority of the Russian people living abroad either adopt the local type of behavior, i.e. they will become like the locals and there will be no point in dating them because you can find the same type of women around you and with less possible communication problems, or they are raised abroad and have nothing in common with typical Russians apart from their nationality which they can’t change. One should always look for a Russian woman in Russian because this is the only way of finding a true Russian lady. Otherwise, you are at risk of wasting your time and lose faith in love. We understand that it may be quite difficult to see your future wife who lives in Russia, but it is possible, though. It is widely acknowledged that love can give more strength and help you deal with the hardest challenges.


Second thing is that many people understand the meaning of the word ‘match’ wrongly. Yes, it is true. Probably, you have heard it many times that although somebody has managed to find their love, but they hesitate and keep waiting, telling that they need to check whether they match each other or not and may spend years doing this. Others keep changing partners over and over again because they think that they have to taste as many options as they can because happiness is all about physical match. Well, both sides can be easily shattered with some simple conclusions. It might look like we will coincide with the first type of people, but not. The real match is determined by the characters of the people. What we mean is that it is not necessary to keep testing each other for years. You should simply look at the way you talk to each other, at the way you are ready to accept each other’s faults, mistakes and forgive and accept weaknesses. If you keep looking for drawbacks in each other and you think that it is the way to see whether you match each other or not, this is the wrong way. It is a dead-end. We are not even talking about the second type of people because it is completely irrelevant and is used to cover someone’s vicious passions. From simple observations, we can deduce that physical beauty and sexual abilities do not decide whether someone will be together or not. How may beautiful couples have broken up in Hollywood? We cannot even count and definitely they had acquired vast experience before the marriage. It simply did not work.


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