Russia is known for its vodka and rich food. Russians enjoy long dinners with various dishes and drinks. Volgograd is no exception. All over the city along the Volga River numerous cafes and restaurants are situated serving vodka and Russian cuisine. The main products on the Russian tables are meats, breads, butter and potatoes. Eggs and cabbage can be also met in many Russian dishes.

Traditional Russian food in Volgograd is very cheap, the average meal will cost you around 10$ in some places even including drinks. The restaurants serving Japanese, European, American food are very expensive. For one meal you will pay over 30$. Thus, you can get the same food that you can have at home, but overpriced. So, it is up to you to decide if you want to attend these restaurants or not.

When going to Russian restaurants in Volgograd, don’t miss their local traditional deserts. These are apple pastries, pancakes with sour cream, honey or marmalade. Non-ordinary dish is tvorog that represents cottage cheese with mixture of berries, marmalade or honey. You can choose this depending on your taste. Another unique Volgograd desert is Paskha with hard boiled eggs.
From drinks try vodka, beer, wine is not recommended. From non-alcoholic drinks kvas, i.e. sweet drink made on the base of bread.

The great places to eat at while being in Volgograd are Cafe in the Alley, Georgian restaurant, Bochka (Barrell), offering German and Austrian cuisine. Druzhba is an expensive, Russian restaurant, but has a great choice of dishes, including such delicacy as zebra. The price for one meal will be over 40 $. Kazachyi Hutor is a restaurant situated nearby Uzhnaya Hotel and serves traditional Ukrainian food. The price of one meal here varies from 15 to 20 $. Nice cafes are situated nearly on every corner of Volgograd, where you can have inexpensive Russian and European food.