Ladies from Russia and former USSR are becoming more and more popular in Europe and the USA as girlfriends and wives nowadays. What is the reason of this interest? They may seem to have origin, religion, culture and views completely different from those Western men are used to. But there is something that makes men love Russian ladies from the first sight.

  1. They are very beautiful, charming, and natural. Their beauty stays with them even after they remove all their make-up. National type of appearance – big eyes, mostly blue or grey, blonde or fair hair, which they love to grow long and wear loose, feminine style in clothes – all this makes men’s heart tremble seeing girls from Russia for the first time.
  2. They are good housewives. Their culture says that woman should learn to cook before she gets married. Also the ladies must learn all about housework and how to do it correctly. So most of them can care for the house and keep it cozy making their family feel relaxed and comfortable at home.
  3. They are sexy. Sexual look was kind of a taboo in former USSR several decades ago, and now women got freedom to express themselves. And they show their sensual nature easily and appreciate it a lot.

Stereotypes about Russian women

There are some popular thoughts about Russian women for marriage abroad, and some of them are mostly true and some are not. Let’s see what you can really expect from your future Russian lady!

Russian ladies love fancy dressing and wearing make-up.

Yes, it is true. In Russian society it is a bit strange for a woman to go out of her home wearing baggy clothes and having her hair in a mess. She will definitely wear something nice even if she is just going to the nearest shop to buy some bread! So yes, Russian ladies love to look beautiful and try to do it always.

Russian girls for marriage look only for rich men. That is not so true. Well, there are some “gold-diggers”, like in every country or nation in the world, but it is not so widespread as it can seem to foreigners. Ladies in Russia, looking for serious relationship and marriage, look at the personality first. And they want to be accepted as personalities, too.

There are specific gender roles in Russia – women are housewives, men are workers. This thought is half true. Yes, there are many women in Russia who would like to stay at home or have a part-time job being married and caring for family. But many ladies want to be successful not only in a family but in their job, too, so they are into personal development and build a career. Well, Russian ladies are hardworking but they do not forget about husband and kids, if they have them. Family is a strong priority in Russian society.

They are good hosts and generous. That is true – Russians love to invite people to their homes, treat them with tasty home-made food and tell a lot of funny stories. And they can really give you the things you need when you are in a trouble, without a worry that you probably won’t give them back. They just love to help!

Communication witrh Russian ladies – what are their interests?

If you plan to get to know Russian girls for marriage, you should know how to communicate with them to make a good impression and to know them better. Russian ladies are mostly brought up well and many of them are intelligent enough and can talk on various topics. Many young people in Russia learn foreign languages – ladies usually start looking for a partner abroad when they already know at least one foreign language. The most popular for learning is English.

People in Russia respect their culture and they appreciate if a foreigner knows something about Russian writers, composers or artists. If you are aware of some Russian artists or novelists, let your Russian female friend know about it – she will be very pleased.

Russian women love to travel and if they can, they spend their vacations abroad, in hot countries like Turkey or Egypt, but they also love traveling around Europe. They are interested in learning new cultures and open to any new things in life. So telling about your traveling experiences will be pleasant for both of you.

How to find a Russian girlfriend?

To find a Russian girlfriend in the modern world is easy – even if you don’t live in Russia, you can use our site and have an opportunity to search among hundreds of profiles of different ladies. You can sort them by age, body and appearance parameters and marital status.

Starting your communication, don’t be afraid that you don’t speak Russian – ladies who are serious learn English and can easily communicate in it. Anyway, Russian beauty will love it if you learn several words in Russian and use them time by time, for example, to say hello to her.

If you really want to win a Russian woman’s heart, be positive, optimistic and give her as much fun as you can – because when they laugh and enjoy their time spent with you, they fall in love easily! Russian lady seems cold only in the beginning… Some patience and you will discover a completely different, bright and cheerful woman in her!

Enjoy your search!